Commercial Equipment & Machinery Recycling

Looking to scrap old plant and machinery? We provide:

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Trained & skilled labour

All weighings on calibrated weighbridges

Logistical support, including cranes & lifting equipment

Excellent service, based on our many years of experience

Benefit from the financial stability & heft of SA Metal

Leaders in health and safety

Our successful projects have included the demolition of aircraft, strike craft, minesweepers, other naval vessels and submarines, mining headgear, winder houses, cement kilns, crushing plants, uranium plants, diamond processing and sorting plants as well as the demolition and rehabilitation of concrete structures to below ground level.

Scrap metals recovered from these projects is thereafter transported to our works for further processing.

We have a large range of specialized demolition and rehabilitation equipment which, coupled with the appropriate expertise and skill levels, ensure safe and cost-efficient completion of each and every project.

The company proudly complies with the highest safety and environmental standards. We are registered with the National Nuclear Regulator which enables us to process, decontaminate, transport and dispose of radioactive material. The company is also registered to handle asbestos-containing material and operates in strict accordance with the relevant legislation.

• Bulldozers, concrete mixers, cranes
• Buses, trucks, trains and railcars
• Forklifts, loaders
• Dump trucks, dumpsters
• Tractors and agricultural machinery
• Conveyor systems
• Presses and lathes
• Shelving and racking

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